This is not really Yet Another Blog that will post tutorials or howtos just for the sake of it.

I was a tech guy some years ago , i was doing this job because i loved it and to finance training for my dream job as an airline pilot. Luckily around 2007 i succeeded in flying airliners. Till recently my schedule was a mess, but now i reached that step in the career where most of the days i return home and sleep in my bed. No more days, weeks, maybe months away from home.

So i felt it is time to play with some tech projects and stuff as a hobby and maybe to improve a little the quality of my life by automation, but i discovered two major things: First it’s how much you can forget in over 10 years and second how much did everything changed, just look at Microsoft, they are now Linux friendly, even more… they are contributing to open source community, oh boy, that WSL is so sweet….. even it’s not real Linux, so i kinda have to relearn pretty much everything again.

Considering the facts this will be more likely a journal of my experiences and a notepad where i write my learning to be able to access them later when may i need them. Meanwhile if anything from here helps you, please enjoy.

For the moment I’m working on tow main projects that involve php, python, AI, mysql and of course linux.

One of them will be an RSS aggregator, but with some AI to analyze text and sort feeds items by topic. It’s about the aviation industry… https://www.airplanedb.com

The other is somehow similar, but it will scrap the headlines and intro of the news from the local media and then the same NLP algorithm will sort it by topic and maybe more.. this one is https://www.stiri.ai

In the meanwhile, I will continue to play now and then with some little projects involving electronics and microcontrollers…

Hope to post every milestone here as a tutorial…